With Redline’s best-in-class support for CME, professional traders can be confident they are getting the lowest latency and highest quality CME trading solution

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Designed & In Use For Use Cases Such As:

Market Makers / Mass Quoting
High Frequency Trading
Algorithmic Trading

Used By:

Hedge Funds
Proprietary Trading Firms
 Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA’s)
Wealth Managers
Sell-Side Banks
and more

Firms are able to ingest all channels from CME on a fraction of a single server using InRush Ticker Plant.

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Market Data

The award-winning InRush Ticker plant API offers sophisticated subscription options that power ultra-low latency creation of order-level and price-aggregated books from CME. Information overload is avoided by delivering only the market data of interest to each trading application. InRush provides best-in-class support for CME’s Market by Order (MBO). Visit InRush Ticker Plant page.

Market Access

With the ultra-low latency Order Execution Gateway, clients are able to send quotes and orders formatted for CME’s execution protocol or to leading brokers. Execution Gateway provides order tracking, position and order management, and drop copy. Visit the Order Execution Gateway page.

FPGA Integration

Redline’s hybrid software & FPGA supporting CME is the industry’s first combination of an FPGA device integrated with a software Execution Gateway. Using the state of the art combination of the two provides best-in-class trading support and lowest latency at all times. It is ideal for firms looking to make markets, cancel, or hit quotes quickly—in less than 150 nanoseconds.

Market Making

Redline’s ultra-low latency solutions are built for demanding use cases, which includes market making, with support for mass quoting millions of orders a day.

CME Historical Market Data

Redline records all raw CME market data packets from the Aurora CME matching data center and NY4. Packet Captures can be replayed using InRush to successfully recreate market conditions. Using Redline’s matching engine backtesting product, customers can backtest their trading strategy or algo and fine-tune for maximum profit and loss. Visit the CME historical market data page.

Managed Services

Customer can rely on Redline to deploy performance optimized IT infrastructure, market data vendor of record and I-Link/G-Link exchange order connectivity, run daily production operations, and lower capital and operational costs. Redline experts are available 24/7 using the follow-the-sun model in the US, UK, and Hong Kong. Our broad perspective of the markets and infrastructure enable our service experts to quickly distinguish between street-wide issues and locally isolated issues.

The guiding principles behind everything we do are driven by customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

Visit the Managed Services page.


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