Buy-side and sell-side firms deploy Redline’s ultra-low latency market data and order execution gateway software in their automated trading systems to address a variety of use cases while meeting both performance and cost objectives.

Feeling unique?

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We work closely with our clients to address a number of unique cases. You can consult our team of experts to discuss how we can help empower your trading.


Explore a few of our common use cases


U.S. Equities / NBBO

Redline’s U.S. Equities market data provides a feature rich platform with flexible subscription and book building capabilities. It is trusted by 6 of 7 largest banks, nearly a dozen alternative trading systems (ATS’s) / public exchanges combined, and numerous hedge funds. Redline is deployed for a variety of market participants including high frequency trading, smart order routers, algo trading, and internalization engines. Enabling Redline’s National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO) is an additional configurable option that allows firms to consume a hybrid combination of direct feed exchange and SIP data.


EMEA Equities / EBBO

Redline’s European Equities market data is fully normalised and presents a consistent data model across all markets. Clients can enjoy dynamic compositing and book building that is custom to their applications - creating a single consolidated view of liquidity across markets. In addition, enabling Redline’s European Best Bid and Offer (EBBO) is an additional configurable option which allows clients to further harmonise and consolidate their market data usage to enable best execution.


CME Market Data and Trading

Receive market data and trade on CME at the lowest latency using Redline’s InRush and Hybrid FPGA/Software Execution Gateway technology. Deployed at the world’s top hedge funds, market makers, banks, and asset managers


Trading Foreign Exchange & Fixed Income

Enable best execution of electronic trading of fixed income, currencies and commodities asset classes by aggregating liquidity from over 30 foreign exchange banks and ECNs, global derivative exchanges, and a growing number of fixed income venues. Capture the best spreads and minimize slippage by placing your orders through our ultra-fast Execution Gateway.


Distributing Market Data Enterprise-Wide

Distribute low-latency market data using a publisher hub to hundreds of endpoints via standard multicast or unicast transports. Market data may be reliably cascaded and cached throughout your enterprise with optional conflation and application-specific subscriptions, all managed by your experts or ours.  


Trading at High-Frequency & Algorithmically

Maximize your fill rates by leveraging Redline’s InRush Feed Handler and Order Execution Gateway to achieve tick-to-trade performance in under 3 microseconds deterministically on a single server. Collapsing infrastructure reduces not only latency but also IT CapEx and OpEx costs.  


Matching at the Best Price

Operators of dark pools, crossing engines, and exchanges can be assured that their matches are executed at the best price available when using InRush.  It generates per-subscription views of pricing across all markets using the lowest latency data sources and distributes this data with the highest degree of accuracy, reliability, and robustness. 


Routing Orders Smartly

Armed with a user-defined view of the Best Bid & Offer (BBO) on each market, our ultra-low latency Order Execution Gateway enables your smart order router to find liquidity and then delivers your prop trading order to the chosen exchange as quickly as possible for best execution. Brokers may also handle FIX-based client orders in the same manner.


Making Markets

Our advanced market making features supporting mass quotes, RFQs, and auctions are designed to help you more effectively compete as a market maker and deliver higher-quality quotes and executions.  


Redline measures and communicates performance statistics on our products as part of our commitment to transparency. We offer audited and reproducible STAC benchmark reports and relevant research reports to substantiate our performance claims.