Trading Firms Boost Fill Rates with Redline's Synthetic Options NBBO

Built From Direct Options Feeds, Redline’s NBBO Delivers Trading Insights Faster

Woburn, Mass. - September 4, 2013
- Redline Trading Solutions announced support in its ultra-low latency InRush 3 Ticker Plant for calculating a synthetic National Best Big & Offer (NBBO) from direct options exchange feeds, providing pricing information significantly faster than the consolidated OPRA NBBO. With savings as high as several hundred milliseconds over OPRA, Redline’s ultra-low latency Options NBBO provides banks and trading firms with a more accurate view of the market.

“We are proud to now bring to the options market the same ultra-low latency technology that has powered our performance-leading Equities NBBO for the past few years,” said Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline Trading Solutions. “The more accurate options pricing that this solution delivers is enabling our customers to achieve higher fill rates and improved trading profitability.”

Firms are now incorporating Redline’s ultra-fast Options NBBO pricing data in their smart order router, market making, and proprietary trading systems. Regardless of the use case, more timely and accurate pricing in driving more intelligent trading decisions in derivatives.

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