Redline Trading Solutions Releases InRush Feed Handler for Aquis Exchange

LONDON – 19 December 2016 – Redline Trading Solutions, the premier provider of high-performance market data and order execution systems for automated trading, today announced release of a feed handler for Aquis Exchange, the independent pan-European cash equities trading venue headquartered in London.

Redline’s InRush™ Ticker Plant now supports traders accessing Aquis Exchange as a single venue and can formulate a user-specified regional best bid and offer (BBO) by compositing Aquis Exchange market data with data from the other European exchanges. With a low-latency understanding of where this BBO exists for any security, automated trading applications can discern available liquidity and book depth for better execution.

“We are very pleased to welcome Redline Trading Solutions as an independent software partner of Aquis Exchange,” said Graham Dick, Head of Sales and Business Development at Aquis Exchange. “It is gratifying that Redline’s solution can now normalise market data that our customers receive from our unique and innovative exchange.”

“Our ultra-low latency ticker plant constructs a user-defined BBO from direct feeds in less than two microseconds on a fraction of a single server,” said Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline. “We are pleased to see our customers deploying our trading platform on venues across Europe to gain better trading performance, exceptional reliability, and lower operational costs.”

Redline’s InRush Ticker Plant normalises market data from over 150 global trading venues across equities, options, futures, foreign exchange, and fixed income asset classes and delivers the data of interest, at ultra-low latency speeds, to subscribing automated trading applications.

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About Redline Trading Solutions, Inc.
Redline Trading Solutions, a pre-eminent financial technology firm, empowers trading with high-performance market data and order execution solutions that solve today’s toughest latency and reliability challenges while reducing costs. With offices in Boston, New York, London, Hong Kong and Belfast, Redline’s customers include leading investment banks, brokers, exchanges, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms.

About Aquis Exchange

Aquis Exchange Limited is an exchange services group, which operates a pan-European cash equities trading exchange (Aquis Exchange) and develops and licenses exchange software to third parties (Aquis Technologies). Aquis Exchange is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority to operate a Multilateral Trading Facility. The Aquis MTF uses a subscription pricing model which works by charging users according to the message traffic they generate, rather than a percentage of the value of each stock that they trade. Aquis operates a lit order book and does not allow aggressive nonclient proprietary trading, thus toxicity and signalling risk is lower on Aquis than other trading venues in Europe. According to independent studies, trades on Aquis are less likely to lead to price movement than on other lit markets