Redline Trading Solution’s InRush Tackles Exploding Market Data Rates

Single-server solution doubles performance to 5 million unique messages per second with single-digit microsecond latency

WOBURN, Mass. – June 18, 2009
– Redline Trading Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of innovative, low-latency market data solutions, announced the release of version 1.5 of the InRush accelerated ticker plant, which will be showcased at the 2009 SIFMA Technology Management Conference & Exhibit, June 23-25, in New York.

The latest release from Redline tackles the explosive growth in market data rates while improving overall system capability and reducing operational costs. Market data rates from the equity, options, and futures markets are projected to significantly increase over the next few years. The most demanding of these, the OPRA consolidated options feed, is expected to reach an average rate of 2.8 million unique messages and 5.6 million redundant messages per second by the middle of next year. Even relatively slow feeds can burst at more than one million messages per second; these bursts can generate tens to hundreds of milliseconds of delays in systems that fail to keep pace.

Leveraging leading-edge acceleration technology, InRush version 1.5 doubles message processing performance to 5 million unique or 10 million redundant messages per second while expanding functionality and maintaining ultra-low, single-digit microsecond latency. Packing the most processing performance per rack unit, the single-server solution handles the most demanding market data rates while minimizing operational costs, by reducing server count and the associated power consumption, connection, and rack space fees.

“Our accelerated software solution allows InRush to keep pace with expanding data rates as we continue to improve performance,” said Matt Sexton, CTO of Redline Trading Solutions, Inc. "The InRush ticker plant is targeted squarely at increasing our customers' profitability and reducing their operational costs by delivering the industry's best performing solution in the smallest data center footprint.”

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