Redline Trading Solutions Announces the InRush™ Embedded Ticker Plant with OPRA FAST

WOBURN, Mass. – September 5, 2008 – Redline Trading Solutions, Inc., a provider of software-based accelerated computing and low-latency market data solutions for algorithmic trading, announced the OPRA FAST feed handler option for its InRush™ embedded ticker plant platform.

Designed to simultaneously support multiple feed handlers, the InRush™ embedded ticker plant delivers ultra-low latency and line-rate throughput in a highly deterministic and scalable accelerated software platform. Using an industry-standard server paired with a cutting-edge acceleration co-processor, InRush™ features include:

  • Throughput of more than 5 million messages per second

  • Average latency of less than 30 microseconds

  • Support for OPRA FAST for Symbology

  • Flexible C and C++ user APIs

  • Cell Broadband Engine™ co-processing.

“We set out to develop a market data solution that could handle the worst case market data bursts while delivering game-changing ultra-low latency,” said Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline Trading Solutions, Inc. “The InRush embedded ticker plant delivers to this challenge with industry-leading performance to put our customers in the lead.”

With support for both fast and slow clients, the InRush™ embedded ticker plant can process OPRA FAST messages at full network line-rate throughput while providing subscription updates directly to the client application – eliminating the need to re-transmit over the network.

Redline provides flexible support services as well as customer-specific optimization that keep customers ahead of market data changes.

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Redline Trading Solutions provides software-based accelerated computing and low-latency market data solutions to investment banks and hedge funds. With Redline Trading Solutions, customers can radically transform their market data capabilities through a selection of scalable product offerings and customer-specific solutions that deliver robust, reliable, and deterministic results.

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