Redline Trading Solutions Announces Support for Futures Trading on the London Metal Exchange

LONDON, UK – 22 February 2015 – Redline Trading Solutions today announced support for the London Metal Exchange (LME) in its premier market data and order execution systems used by banks and trading firms for electronic trading of futures, equities, options, foreign exchange and fixed income.

Redline’s tick-to-trade solution recently passed LME conformance tests and now provides a complete interface for high-performance trading on LMEselect™. Redline’s InRush™ accelerated ticker plant normalises data from the LME with other global trading venues and delivers user-customised views at ultra-low latency speeds to automated trading applications. Order decisions from such trading applications can then be routed to the LME through Redline’s Order Execution Gateway, allowing firms to benefit from integrated order tracking, risk and position management, and faster execution of futures trades.

“We’re excited to be on the leading edge of LME’s expanding reach to a new class of electronic traders,” said Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline. “Our high-performance LME support complements our in-depth support of other global futures exchanges and more than 130 trading venues across all asset classes.”

“The LME aims to enhance participation and liquidity on our exchange, and we welcome Redline as a new choice for our members to employ to interface with LMEselect,” said Paul MacGregor, Head of Sales at the LME.

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