Redline Trading Solutions Announces New Version of its High-Performance Market Data Platform

InRush 10G delivers next level of latency and throughput performance

WOBURN, Mass. – March 22, 2010 – Redline Trading Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of low-latency market data solutions, today announced the release of InRush version 10G Accelerated Ticker Plant. InRush 10G provides significant latency and throughput advantages as well as adding support for dual 10Gbit Ethernet market data connections. InRush 10G is targeted at applications seeking the ultimate in low-latency performance including smart order routing and high frequency trading.

“Within high performance trading applications every microsecond of latency matters,” said Mark Skalabrin, Redline Trading Solutions CEO, “InRush 10G is the latest step in our quest to keep our customers on the leading edge of trading technology.”

The Redline InRush embedded ticker plant is a high-performance, highly optimized market data platform. The InRush software runs on an industry-standard server paired with a cutting-edge acceleration co-processor to deliver ultimate trading performance.

“High performance trading has advanced to where, in many cases, the latency introduced by traditional 1Gbit exchange connections is no longer acceptable”, said Redline’s CTO Matt Sexton, “InRush 10G tightly couples 10Gbit connections to our hardware accelerated ticker plant reducing this source of latency by over 10X”

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