Redline Trading Solutions Announces Availability of STAC Benchmark Study

Results demonstrate the InRush™ embedded ticker plant maintains average latency of 27 microseconds and a throughput of 2.8 million OPRA-FAST messages per second

WOBURN, Mass. – September 17, 2008 – Redline Trading Solutions, Inc., a provider of software-based accelerated computing and low-latency market data solutions for algorithmic trading, announced the availability of a STAC® (Securities Technology Analysis Center) benchmark study of its InRush™ embedded ticker plant.

The InRush™ embedded ticker plant is a software application that runs on an industry-standard server paired with a cutting-edge Cell Broadband Engine™ acceleration co-processor. Designed to handle multiple exchange feeds simultaneously, the solution combines leading-edge technology to deliver ultra-low latency and line-rate throughput in a robust and scalable platform.

“We tested Redline’s InRush platform using the draft STAC-M1.OPRA Benchmark™ specifications from the STAC Benchmark Council™,” said Peter Lankford, STAC’s director. “These tests measure everything from latency, throughput, and response time, to the power efficiency of the total system and the memory and CPU efficiency of the API. We measured the latency from the moment an exchange message was available to the system, to the moment the system’s API delivered the message to the test applications. In a scenario with five test applications and exchange playback of 2X the original rate (benchmark: stacm1.OPRA.v0.95.s6.5b.LAT1), the InRush system achieved an average latency of 27 microseconds, with 99% of the messages taking less than 42 microseconds.”

InRush™ achieved similar performance at the maximum possible playback rate of 15X (benchmark: stac-m1.OPRA.v0.95.s7.5b.TPUT1). At this rate, the system handled one-second peaks of approximately 2.8 million unique messages per second (5.6 million before line arbitration), with no loss of data.

The full set of benchmark results is available here.

“Over the last three years, the OPRA message rate has increased by more than a factor of ten, while latency tolerances have gone dramatically down,” said Matt Sexton, Chief Architect at Redline Trading Solutions, Inc. “We designed InRush from the ground up to break down the barriers that exist in other implementations. The STAC Benchmark results demonstrate that our solution not only excels at one of today’s most challenging market-data problems, but also is positioned to meet increasing demands for years to come.”

Redline provides a range of standard products and services, as well as unique solutions architected to meet customer-specific requirements. With an unsurpassed level of application acceleration expertise, the team at Redline excels at the development of low-latency multicore applications and the acceleration of complex algorithms and data flows.

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