TradingTech 2019 Awards: REDLINE HAS BEEN Shortlisted For Best Low Latency Data Feed & High Performance Data Feed Handler, & BEST HIGH PERFOrMANCE MARKET ACCESS SOLUTION

Redline Trading Solutions has been short-listed for 2 categories in this year's Intelligent Trading Technology Awards, please vote for Redline! 


Redline Trading Solutions is a trusted leader in high-performance trading systems delivering ultra-low latency market data normalisation and distribution software across European equities markets.  Firms choose us for our superior technology, industry expertise, and first-class global support model to capture alpha in today’s markets. 

  • Dynamic compositing & book building across subscribed venues, defined by consumers
  • Various deployment models to address specific latency and subscription needs by use-case. Click here
  • Choose between same-server, in-memory call backs or utilize Redline's transport protocol for enterprise fan-out.
  • Bridge into legacy trading systems such as OpenMAMA and TREP
  • Advanced performance management & process transparency through API
  • Integration with openDACS for entitlements 
  • Facilitates compliance with MiFID II
  • Over 150 venues supported across asset classes via a unified API
  • Available as standalone software or fully managed with connectivity and IaaS options

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At A Glance:

Our Products:

InRush™ Accelerated Feed Handler is a highly optimised enterprise-class market data solution that normalises data from multiple feed sources and builds composite views on a fraction of a single server. InRush delivers ultra-low latency intelligent trading events directly to your trading applications including a Best Bid & Offer (BBO) calculated from a user-specified list of full-depth European exchanges and MTF feeds. 

RedlineFeed™ is a consolidated feed that delivers normalised, low latency market data with just one connection. Trading applications across your enterprise receive the multi-asset class market data they need cost-effectively over industry-standard transports.  RedlineFeed may be fully managed by Redline experts or self-managed by your IT team.

European Equities Solution

European equities coverage

We consistently invest in development and rollout of new trading venues and markets, relieving trading firms of the development effort and regulatory complexity of writing new interfaces required due to liquidity fragmentation. Click here for our full list of current and upcoming worldwide market coverage across multiple asset classes.  See page 2 for feedhandler support for European equity markets. 

European Equities Performance: 

A key metric for today's markets is latency.  As such, Redline has put a lot of effort into delivering the most performance-centric market data solution available on the market.  No FPGA or purpose-built appliance is needed to achieve single digit microsecond performance from wire-to-app. Redline is deployed on standard OSs and optimised x86 servers having ultra-low latency NICs. Our engineering team assists in architecting a solution for optimal performance, typically in a single multi-core server for reduced co-lo footprint and improved performance.

To learn more about the performance of our Tickerplant and our wire-to-callback latencies when processing London Stock Exchange market data at five levels of depth, contact our EMEA sales team using the Contact Us Form below.


We understand the challenges our clients face as new European regulations loom.  Whilst the new landscape is complex, Redline offer our clients a suite of tools to help simplify the efforts required to meet regulatory obligations.  


Our fundamental strength is ultra-fast, best-execution book building. Be comfortable knowing that we’ve applied our highly-tuned technologies for US Equities, synthetic NBBO and SEC compliance to meet the needs of the European equities market.  Individual subscribers can define which markets constitute their BBO and what level of depth is required.

Trading Analytics In the Cloud:

Algo back-testing, price validation, recreating a market event, or any other use case not reliant on live data can be achieved through a virtual instantiation of InRush.  It is the same code, same API and same behavior as bare-metal (incl. A/B multicast ingress).  This cloud-based service removes the need for dedicated infrastructure solely for the purpose of QA testing or recreating market events.  Simply setup your instance and prime it with recorded historical market data from our PCAP archives or yours.  Replay in real-time, multiples of real-time, or as fast as possible. When compliance asks for something you can now answer them in a matter of minutes not days.


Back testing of your algos can be taken a step farther with Redline’s Market Simulator (MARS) to perform end-to-end order flow testing.  MARS emulates exchanges, providing a simulation environment to which orders can be sent and expected responses confirmed.  This removes the need (and cost) associated with having multiple exchange sessions or unreliable UAT environments. With increasing regulatory requirements for rigorous testing of trading applications, MARS enables regression testing any time of day in your environment or in our managed cloud environment.

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Redline solutions are an ever-changing landscape as we accommodate additional client requests driven by their internal teams – let us know how we can help. 


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