Normalized Market Data, Consolidated Into One High Performance Hosted Feed

RedlineFeed™ delivers normalized low-latency multi-asset class market data, built from direct feeds, in a cost-effective manner.

Get the performance benefit of direct feeds without the challenges of exchange connectivity and feed protocol changes.


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Market Data as a Service

RedlineFeed is distributed from a publishing hub hosted and managed by experts and is delivered on each subscribing application server by a locally embedded InRush Ticker Plant instantiation. Your applications will receive normalized market data updates via our easy-to-use InRush API and legacy API bridges. A redundant architecture assures a high availability feed and book snapshot allows for midday restart and recovery of book state after line gaps.

RedlineFeed publishers can be customized to publish a variety of use-case specific information such as synthetic Best Bid & Offer for equities and options, user-defined BBOs per market, a user-configurable depth feed, or conflated quotes. User-defined striping enables content for a symbol set or symbol range to be assigned to specific multicast channels, reducing bandwidth requirements to subscribers.

The subscribing server can also formulate a subset of the data it receives from the RedlineFeed publisher and reliably republish it to downstream client subscribers. With this ability to cascade market data to edge caches that support hundreds of endpoints, a variety of quality of service levels can be met for global trading and monitoring use cases across the enterprise.

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RedlineFeed is available as a shared and dedicated service. Leading buy and sell side financial services firms use RedlineFeed to power their mission-critical and low latency trading needs from algorithmic order execution to ATS dark pool matching.

RedlineFeed Fully Managed

With Redline Managed Service, unburden yourself from the challenges and costs of directly managing exchange connectivity and feed protocol changes.

If you wish, our Managed Service team will provide the infrastructure, connectivity, application support, and monitoring needed to meet service-level agreements for RedlineFeed.

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