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Our solutions are available as self-managed applications or may be deployed with Redline Managed Service expertise.


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InRush Ticker Plant

InRush is a highly optimized enterprise-class feed handler that terminates market data from multiple feed sources on a fraction of a single service. InRush maintains full-depth books for all symbols on the wire with an emphasis on low latency and determinism. Running on industry-standard Intel-based multicore servers, our feed handler delivers ultra-low latency intelligent trading events to your applications for equities, options, futures, FX and fixed income markets.


RedlineFeed is a consolidated feed that delivers normalized, low latency market data with just one connection. Trading applications across your enterprise receive the multi-asset class market data they need cost-effectively over industry-standard transports.

Order Execution Gateway

Order Execution Gateway provides reliable and ultra-low latency order execution for a wide variety of trading and order routing applications, normalized across equities, options, futures, FX and fixed income markets.

Top tier hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, and global investment banks rely on Redline’s Order Execution Gateway to trade hundreds of billions of dollars since 2012.

Historical Market Data

Redline provides years of raw market data packs and normalized ticks, plus recording and replay services and tools, to help you perform trade compliance verification, strategy back testing, and application testing

We provide data either as a one-time purchase or as an ongoing subscription.

Pre-Trade Risk

Redline’s Pre-Trade Risk engine is an intuitive web-based interface that enables broker control of risk parameters. It performs a comprehensive and configurable series of risk checks, verifications, and control actions that provide reliable results compliant with U.S. SEC Rule 15c3-5 and European MiFiD II mandates.


Redline’s Market Simulator (MARS) provides UAT-like exchange emulation environment that allows market participants to route orders for testing and compliance purposes without the need to procure additional UAT network connectivity, establish exchange sessions and work inconvenient hours.

Managed Services

Redline Managed Service unites our ultra-low latency InRush Feed Handler and Order Execution Gateway with Redline-managed direct exchange connectivity, proactive monitoring, and optimized hardware at key co-location data centers for faster trading at lower cost.

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