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We are the trusted leader in high-performance trading systems, supplying fully normalised, low latency market data and data distribution software to leading trading firms.

Market Data Made Simple

Consistent data model across all markets including security status, trade normalisation, and reference data

Dynamic compositing & book building - customisable by each subscribing application

Optimised subscription & delivery models to support various use-cases

Low-single-digit microsecond tick-to-app capabilities

Available as software subscription or fully managed with connectivity & IaaS options


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Solutions at a Glance

InRush Ticker Plant

InRush is a highly optimized enterprise-class feed handler that terminates market data from multiple feed sources on a fraction of a single service. InRush maintains full-depth books for all symbols on the wire with an emphasis on low latency and determinism. Running on industry-standard Intel-based multicore servers, our feed handler delivers ultra-low latency intelligent trading events to your applications for equities, options, futures, FX and fixed income markets.


RedlineFeed is a consolidated feed that delivers normalized, low latency market data with just one connection. Trading applications across your enterprise receive the multi-asset class market data they need cost-effectively over industry-standard transports.

 Best Bid & Offer Feed

Our feature-rich technology delivers a fully-aggregated price book across venues and with the added value of market-specific, dynamic compositing—further enabling our clients to access best-execution pricing systematically. The same underlying technology is responsible for nearly a third of all U.S. equities matching under Redline’s Synthetic NBBO for U.S. equities.

Coverage & Ongoing Support

Protect yourself against protocol upgrades & exchange driven changes with our harmonised data model across venues and participants.

We invest in development and rollout of new trading venues and markets, reliving trading firms of the development effort and regulatory complexity of writing new interfaces required due to liquidity fragmentation. As we deploy additional venues—whether they are regulated markets or participants such as MTFs, SIs, or APAs—each conforms to our standard data model providing minimal impact to downstream applications.

Performance & Footprint

We put over 10 years of experience into building and delivering the most performance-centric market data solution available. Whether by software or our hybrid FPGA-software solution, low microsecond or nanosecond performance from wire-to-app is achievable.

Redline is deployed on standards OSs and optimised x86 servers having ultra-low latency NICs. Our engineering team assists in architecting a solution for optimal performance, typically in a single, multi-core server for reduced co-lo footprint and improved performance.

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