TradingTech 2019 Awards: REDLINE HAS BEEN Shortlisted For Best Low Latency Data Feed & High Performance Data Feed Handler, & BEST HIGH PERFOrMANCE MARKET ACCESS SOLUTION

Redline Trading Solutions has been short-listed for 2 categories in this year's Intelligent Trading Technology Awards, please vote for Redline! 


We believe that a dynamic, positive environment nurtures creative problem-solving, inspires innovation, and provides a foundation for employees to achieve their best



Our flat organizational structure allows for more transparency, accessibility, and opportunity for continuous learning and advancement.

Our teams

Our teams thrive on sharing ideas and knowledge. We collaborate to tackle technical challenges in a culture of openness, respect, and engagement, with lively whiteboard and hallway discussions being the norm.


Our passion for customer success fuels our commitment to continually raise the bar through ultimate performance innovation -- the core of Redline’s differentiation.

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