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Solutions Overview

Product Overview

Redline’s trading solutions deliver unique business advantages through consistently accelerating the entire tick-to-trade process under all market conditions. Learn More »

RedlineFeed™ is a fully managed service that delivers normalized, ultra-low latency U.S. equities and options market data built from straight-line aggregation of direct feeds in a cost-effective manner. Learn More »

InRush Accelerated Ticker Plant
InRush™ is a single-server solution that simultaneously manages direct-connected equities, options, futures, and FX exchange feeds. With full-depth view across markets in less than 1.2 microseconds, InRush provides industry-leading ultra-low latency and high throughput so you can discover and exploit the best trading and execution opportunities in the market. Learn More »

Order Execution Gateway
The Redline Order Execution Gateway with integrated pre-trade risk allows order placement and tracking across multiple exchanges through simultaneously managed sessions. The Order Execution Gateway supports ultra-low latency buy-side trading strategies and allows sell-side firms to achieve best execution for their clients with smart order routing. Learn More »

Pre-Trade Risk
An optional component of the Order Execution Gateway, Redline’s pre-trade risk checks meet the requirements of SEC Rule 15c3-5 in less than 1 microsecond. An easy-to-use web-based control enables access entitlement to risk parameters. Learn More »

Historical Market Data
Redline provides raw market data packets plus recording and replay services and tools to help you perform trading analysis and tests. Learn More »

Redline Managed Service
Redline Managed Service unites our ultra-low latency InRush ticker plant and Order Execution Gateway with Redline-managed direct exchange connectivity, proactive monitoring, and optimized hardware at key co-location data centers for faster trading at lower cost – now! Learn More »